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Headliner: Showbiz Nieuws Plaats een nieuw antwoord  
 masse - zaterdag 20 februari 2010 - 19:00   quote  deeplink  
Bigbrother Finland, Handjob in sauna:


Credit to original uploader!

Next out hot action in the batchroom.


Actually this is not Bigbrother but another reality show called Vilo Vilag -Similar setting though. Hot!

Third one today is a very strange one from Argentina - Sex in a coffin!

Sorry no preview - Any tips how to make previews of flv-files?
Credit to original uploader!

Another one from the Vilo Vilag Show. This is really one favourite of mine:


Here is another one of my favourites. Its from Vilo Vilag - a Bigbrother -type of show.


A preview wich focus on the dickstroke!

Credit to the original uploader!

This must be the mother of all Bigbrother sex videos. Evi and Renato from Hungary. Explicit penetration, blowjob, doggy etc! I like it! 19 minutes of extacy!

A preview with some very explicit penetration:


All credit to the original uploader.

Here is another classic scene. Hope you enjoy. It's from Bigbrother Sweden 2004 there is some really heavy petting in the open going on. Sound is very sexy.



Credit to the original uploader way back!

This one show some really steamy lesbian action from Big Brother Bulgaria. Anyone have more of this?


Credit to the original uploader!

Za Steklom - Behind Glass - Russian realityshow that caused plenty of controversy in Russia. The TV Station apparently had to close down because of the explicit sex shown. Here is a supernice Highlights from the show by Shiloh! Thanks. Included some sex in the bed and in the bathroom as well as plenty of sexy nudity. Enjoy!


Thanks to Shiloh!

Here is the bathroom scene for your enjoyment. Watch at the end where Margo wipes his dick clean from... you know what!

This one is hot-hot-hot. Actual close up penetration included!

Preview with the naughties bits:


All credit to the original artist!!
 masse - zondag 21 februari 2010 - 16:16   quote  deeplink  
Some more Vilo Vilag. 3 parts with very hot and really explicit penetration!




All credit to JohnDK The BB man out there!
 masse - zaterdag 27 februari 2010 - 15:37   quote  deeplink  
This one is from Dom2 Russia One of the most explicit sex I have seen on Reality shows. The sound is excellent as well! Enjoy!


All credit to the original uploader.
I have some more like these but not as exlicit. Anyone have some more to contribute?

-- dit bericht is voor het laatst aangepast op zaterdag 27 februari 2010 door masse --
 masse - zondag 07 maart 2010 - 13:41   quote  deeplink  
This is another really hot one from Dom2! Some more to come - even more explicit!


Credit to the original poster. Please post similar from Dom if you have! Thanks!
 masse - zondag 14 maart 2010 - 15:24   quote  deeplink  
Another blowjob scene. Cool. I think he leaves him "frustrated". She has a really sexy ass. From Sweden 2006!


Credit to the original uploader!
 masse - zondag 03 oktober 2010 - 00:09   quote  deeplink  
want more?
 joseneto - donderdag 14 februari 2013 - 18:44   quote  deeplink  
 netsurfer - maandag 12 september 2016 - 12:59   quote  deeplink  
Op zondag 03 oktober 2010 - 00:09 schreef masse het volgende:
want more?
Ik moet hier eerst even van bijkomen.

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Headliner: Showbiz Nieuws Plaats een nieuw antwoord  

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